Is Pamputtae throwing shade at Lisa Hyper?

Just when the atmosphere of peace and a new beginning began to permeate dancehall thanks to longtime rivals Lisa Hyper and Spice making amends, Pamputtae had to be shady. Or at least that is how her latest post is being received by social media users.

Dancehall artistes Spice and Lisa Hyper made amends this week after a decade-long feud.

Pamputtae’s friendship with Spice has been under the microscope in recent months, as personalities like MC Nuffy have claimed that Spice has neglected efforts to help Pamputtae’s career. The Goody Good deejay posted a throwback photo of the two in Canada to indicate that all is well, but the caption is what has people talking.

“In life always be yourself,” Pamputtae started. “It’s good to apologize but in life always remember to never follow others and attack a person that never once offended you. Be a leader and not a follower…”

Her words come a day after Spice accepted Hyper’s apology, which she issued on her Instagram page on Wednesday. The Gaza affiliates had not spoken for more than a decade, and Hyper said the feud started because of a rumour. Spice also accepted responsibility for her part in the feud, issuing her own apology.

Which brings us to the question: what prompted Pamputtae to seemingly latch on to the past when these ladies have waved the white flag?

Social media users shared their thoughts on her page and others.

“I really love you mum but I think this is going to be taken in the wrong way, don’t think it was relevant either,” said one follower. 

“Spice already accept di apology. Move along the beef is already dead let it rest in peace.”

“Opinion not needed. Why you never encourage them to reunite?” someone asked.

“Pam do you really wanna be that woman boo?”

Another sounded off, “That’s not her battle, that doesn’t even concern her.”