Is Poppy the next liberator of St Thomas?

It seems like dancehall superstar Popcaan will be channelling the energies of another St Thomas legend, national hero Paul Bogle, as he goes about seeking to liberate his native parish from the challenges that it faces.

The first step for the artiste so far is the hosting of his charity-based event, UnrulyFest, which is expected to make donations to various entities in the parish and also bring awareness to the parish’s developmental potential.

Popcaan recently took to Instagram where he re-posted a picture of Jamaican National Hero Paul Bogle whom he referred to as the original Unruly Boss as he paid tribute in his way to the life and work of the great man.

With his rise to stardom, Popcaan has been an advocate for the growth and development of the parish where he grew up.

He has since started his UnrulyFest series which has brought a lot of attention to the parish.

He is now hoping that like 1865 when Bogle led a rebellion of change, he too can assist to change the lives of his fellow residents for the better.

Big up you self Poppy! Gwaan do u ting.