Is Rvssian responsible for Teejay’s weight loss?

It seems dancehall artiste Teejay’s weight loss might be attributed to the efforts of super producer Rvssian.

Music producer Rvssian

Rvssian wrote on his Twitter account, “Ima start selling my diet plan” while uploading before and after pictures of himself and the Romeich-managed artiste.

Teejay turned heads last year when he debuted a new look after losing over 50 pounds in just under three months. “I lost 50 pounds in 2 months and 3 weeks the work is on” he wrote on Instagram last September.

He had attributed the change to eating water and crackers. However, based on Rvssian’s comments, it seems that the ‘Uptop boss’ may have borrowed the strategy from him which yielded notable results.

For Rvssian’s part, he too underwent some weight loss last year, moving from 185 pounds to 155 pounds in just a matter of months. He wrote “few months ago I lost myself. I was 185lbs. I’m now 155lbs #anythingispossible

#checkyourselfbeforeyouwreckyourself” he had written early last year.