Is Spice getting more plastic surgery?

Dancehall artiste Spice seems to be heading under the knife soon but fans are pretty certain it’s all just a ploy for an upcoming music video.

Dancehall artiste Spice

The rumour mill started churning last evening when the Clean artiste shared a picture of herself in a hospital bed while her vitals were being taken by a nurse.

The captionless photo showed a distressed looking Spice, however fans were not buying what she was trying to sell as many questioned the absence of masks on Spice or the nurse, who they also pointed out was wearing a full face of makeup, long nails and hair that was seemingly too laid for the occasion.

While one fan commented, “I’m just gonna ask the natural question…are u ok?”, others were quick to dismiss the image as promotion.

One speculated that it was the video for her single, I Feel A Way, while another stated “The nurse too cute, issa video”. Several others jokingly suggested she was pregnant with child number three for new beau, Justin Budd, with one saying “It’s either baby #3 or music video”.

However, the artiste followed up with another photo this morning, showing herself being assessed by a maskless doctor, seemingly for cosmetic surgery. She captioned it, “Promised myself I’ll never ever get another liposuction. The after pain is not my style and mi can’t bandage up miself cause mi claustrophobic.”

But fans were still not sipping the Kool-Aid, as one said “Spice you nah trick me again enuh ohhh, hurry up and release the video”.

Another shared suspiciously, “Liposuction inna makeup, Ohk” as another added, “We use to your gimmicks by now to promote your videos.”

Only time will tell BUZZ fam! (But we’re also certain it’s a music video.)