Ishawna got “flewed out”, and the grammar police are upset

The grammar police tried to come for Ishawna on Sunday, but the ‘Ishy girls’ weren’t having it.

The photo Ishawna shared on Instagram on Sunday.

The Legendary entertainer posted a photo on Instagram boarding a jet at the IAM Jet Centre in Montego Bay, with the festive caption “flewed out”. The term was popularised by Yung Miami of the City Girls two years ago and refers to a man covering all the expenses for a woman to see him or have a vacation.

But some critics were quick to correct Ishawna’s caption to the Queen’s English.

“Flewed? Isn’t flew already the past tense of fly?” asked one user.

“It’s the “flewed out” for me. Jah Jah,” another wrote.

Those more versed on popular culture came to Ishawna’s defence.

“For all who don’t know ‘flewed out’ is when all flight and travel expenses are paid for without one’s money,” one person said.

“Flewed is a slang the hotties use when they are being flown out,” added another.

“Can’t believe ppl don’t know that ‘flewed out’ is a City Girls slang.”

“Ain’t nobody got time to explain to u h*es what ‘flewed out’ means. Sis said what she said. #flewedout.”

While they debated in the comments, Ishawna was living her best life in her Instagram story, from sipping on Moët, showing the city view as she arrived in Los Angeles, and going out for dinner at the Melisse Restaurant in Santa Monica.