Ishawna says she got the COVID-19 vaccine

Dancehall artiste Ishawna

Dancehall artiste Ishawna is the latest member of the entertainment fraternity to weigh in on the COVID-19 vaccination debate.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday (September 1), the Equal Rights artiste expressed her thoughts on the divisive topic.

“In my opinion people who bash the vaccine and say COVID not real shouldn’t be allowed to get treated at hospitals when dem eventually ketch COVID. All dem a do a tek up space! Dem fi stay home and leave the hospitals to people who have real illnesses. If a dirt a dirt remember!?!” she tweeted.

She however followed up on that tweet highlighting that while she doesn’t think the jab should be mandatory if someone is not willing to take the vaccine, these persons should be willing to accept any risks that come with that decision. 

“I personally feel like nobody should be FORCED to take the vaccine! Yes it’s your choice! But please keep that same energy when yuh ketch COVID and stop tek up space in the hospital and leave the oxygen for people who actually need it. Since COVID not real!”.

She further went on to share that she has gotten her vaccinated. “I took the vaccine since JANUARY before taking the vaccine was a “thing”. I took the vaccine when only essential workers were allowed to take the vaccine. U know y? Cause mi a tek vaccine from mi likkle and mi still alive amd kicking,” she tweeted while showing off her vaccine card.

Ishawna joins the growing list of dancehall artists who have publicly declared their vaccinations status which includes Ce’Cile, and Ding Dong.