It wasn’t me: Shaggy mistaken for The Baha Men on ‘Good Morning DC’ show

International reggae artiste Shaggy had a real-life ‘It wasn’t me’ moment on Fox 5’s Good Day DC morning show last Monday.

Shaggy, along with Spice and Sean Paul were on the show promoting their hit collab Go Down Deh when news anchor Jeannette Reyes mistook Shaggy for someone else.

Reyes asked Shaggy what was the meaning of his song Who Let The Dogs Out.

“Shaggy you were trending a couple of weeks ago, one of your songs, Who Let the Dogs Out… the topic was songs that you didn’t know the meaning of, like what the lyrics meant. Can you tell us what the meaning of that song is, and the lyrics?’

Shaggy replied “Oh, that’s not my song … that’s the Baha Men.”

“Oh My Goodness, I thought that was your song!” Reyes said, and quickly pivoted to ask Sean Paul to give her a view of the ocean to which he obliged.