It went down in the DM: That’s how Asafa Powell met wife Alyshia

Women often hear that their husbands might be in their DMs (direct message), and that was definitely the case with Asafa Powell’s wife, Alyshia.

Asafa Powell and his wife, Alyshia

“I slid in her DMs,” Asafa said in a YouTube video about how he met his wife.

In the 21-minute video that was posted on Saturday, Asafa explained that he was at the World Championships in China, scrolling through Instagram when he came across Alyshia’s pictures. He decided to send her a message, but the model took days to answer. And that reply only came after her friend, Eva, convinced her to respond.

But she refused to give Asafa her number. Instead, she added him to an app called Viber, where they would speak.

Eventually, they got closer and she shared her mobile number.

Trip to Jamaica

After speaking for four months, Asafa managed to convince Alyshia to visit him in Jamaica, but she booked her own flight, and he did not know when she would be leaving the island.

And although he is a public figure and has appeared on the world stage countless times, Asafa was a bit shy to pick her up at the airport.

“I was nervous, so I asked my friend to follow me,” he said.

But when he saw her beauty in person after she came out of the airport, the anxiety went away.

“We clicked right away, and in person it was easy,” said Alyshia, who is also a former athlete.

Asafa said that his wife got along with his friends and gravitated towards his two kids from previous relationships.

And, as they say, the rest is history…