‘It’s a trick’: Sizzla ‘bun out’ wearing of face masks

Reggae artiste Sizzla

Another day, and another influential figure is speaking out against the wearing of face masks.

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This time, it’s veteran reggae artiste Sizzla, who in a one-hour live on his Instagram page burned the proverbial fire on face masks and cast doubt on their ability to protect anyone from coronavirus.

“We bun out mask man, weh ya mask from God bout? Watch this, the youth dem smart cause mi grew up in the garage, and when wi a do sanding work, sanding the filler of the car, we wear a mask, more filtered than this mask,” he said. “And such a dangerous virus, and a little kerchief and a little domestic mask can shield you from it?”

“It’s a trick man. You a come tell wi fi wear masks, look how long yuh have the emissions of the car, look how long you have carbon monoxide outta the trucks and the cars a poison people dem,” he continued.

Sizzla said Jamaica has bigger issues to focus on other than coronavirus.

“Unuh really a talk bout COVID-19, the pickney dem a suffa before dem even reach 19,” he said. He also blasted the country’s politicians for not doing enough to stimulate the economy.

“Ya come try push wi down more with COVID-19, bun out dat bredda. Ya come tell mi bout sanitize and dem ting deh, mi respect the cleanliness, cleaniless a godliness,” he said.

“Jamaica is a blessed country, we nuh need fi a import more than we a export. Look how much thing we have – wi have music, minerals, and the natural talents of the nation, wi a ramp,” he added.

An attack

Sizzla believes the coronavirus is a deliberate attack on black people.

“Black people unuh a try get out because yuh perfect yuh system now you don’t need us anymore. You don’t need us to ketch any timber fire because you got gas stove now, you don’t need us to drive, you got cars, you don’t need us to cut any canes, you got machines. You don’t really need the human labour again, so you just trying to play it off smooth,” he said.

As his rant continued, Sizzla also spewed the conspiracy theory that the coronavirus vaccine will be microchipped.

“The microchip now gone inna the vaccine, nano particles to manipulate DNA activities within unuh self so unuh go study and know wah gwaan and stop ramp,” he continued.

He also warned of an imminent war that will so break on the “vacation planet” of Earth.

“A the great war ah forward again cause unuh did cause da war ya in space long time and damage the planet and kill off nuff people, and people did affi fly out inna space ship and come ah Earth,” he said.