It’s ‘A Vibe’: Protoje drops Wiz Khalifa collab

The visuals for Protoje’s marijuana-inspired single, A Vibe, was released today, August 20.

Protoje released his collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, ‘A Vibe’ today.

The Wiz Khalifa-backed track is the third single for his upcoming fifth album, In Search of Lost Time.

“When I first did this song, I honestly knew that I would not have put it out without Wiz being on it. I was a super fan of his Kush & Orange Juice mixtape. From then, I always wanted to sing a song about marijuana and how it helps maintain my mood at times,” the Grammy-nominated artiste said of the song.

The two-minute and 42 seconds song is an ode to the cannabis enjoyment and the relaxation it offers.

Protoje sings:

So I just wan’ relax
Roll up a spliff and send it straight to my head, yeah
Smoke mi marijuana until my eyes turn red, yeah
And try to catch a vibe
Sweet, sweet vibe
So please don’t you kill my high
Kill my high

Wiz, who broke into mainstream with his hugely-popular Black and Yellow, also raps of his love for the herd:

Don’t take too many puffs
It’s off the tree if you ain’t pitching
Some people get into game just to get ’em richer
I really love trees, so roll the next one bigger

The single follows Same So, released last month, and the Popcaan collaboration, Like Royalty, which was released on August 6.

In Search of Lost Time is available for pre-order and will be made available on August 28.

You can watch the video below: