It’s a win! Flourgon breaks silence on lawsuit against Miley Cyrus

Flourgon certainly entertained the Rebel Salute crowd on night one of the festival. (Photos: Chris Lewinson/ BUZZ)

He’s gained the nickname ‘$300 million dollar man’ overnight, but veteran toaster Flourgon just wants to be in the spotlight for his music.

The deejay recently settled a copyright lawsuit he filed against international singer Miley Cyrus in 2018, and though he is unable to disclose the details of the case, he is proud.

“A lot of people feel like dem cyaa challenge a lot of big people in the music.”

— Flourgon

We Run Things

“It’s a win,” he told BUZZ.

“A lot of people feel like dem cyaa challenge a lot of big people in the music, and mi just mek di youths dem know seh as long as somebody use yuh music dem supposed to go forward and claim it. Sometimes it’s difficult but yuh haffi just push on. A lot of big artiste seh: ‘Flourgon a weh yaa do?’, but mi determined from mi born, and I will never stop, and a now yaa go hear Flourgon music. Mi nuh waan hear nutten bout nuh money, a music mi love fi elevate mi nation.”

But it may take some time for people to hear the name Flourgon and not think about the publicised lawsuit. The deejay had accused Cyrus and her Sony Music label of plagiarising lyrics from his 1988 track We Run Things, in her 2013 hit We Can’t Stop. Both songs share the lyrics, “we run things, things don’t run we,” though Flourgon’s record was only registered in 2017.

There was no shortage of songs when Flourgon (right) and Sanchez hit the stage at Rebel Salute.

New Music

Despite the increased attention he has been receiving since word got out that a stipulation would be filed “pending payment of the settlement proceeds,” Flourgon is focused on releasing new music, starting next month.

“Mi bout fi drop Enemies next month which is produced by me,” he said. “A just mi music mi waan do. I sing at big concerts and small concerts all over the world, a just because of this case everybody come up now and start look, but Flourgon always deh ya. Me and Sanchez always a tour all over the world, and I will never leave music. Mi nuh love nutten more than mi love music, a mi first love.”

He also let the cat out of the bag on a collaborative fashion venture he is working on.

“We a go have a fashion line coming up. Mi nuh waan discuss it too much yet, but look out,” he said.