It’s #ChefMarsheezy: Wayne Marshall says he couldn’t boil an egg six months ago

Months ago, Wayne Marshall needed help to prepare an egg, but now he is making porridge that his entire family loves.

Wayne Marshall is now the main person who prepares porridge in his home. (Photo: Instagram/Wayne Marshall)

And, the Jamaican entertainer is happy with his growth; so much so that he has an apron and chef hat.

“6 months ago me couldn’t boil egg…look at me now #chefitwayne #chefmarsheezy #porridgemaster,” he captioned an Instagram post on Sunday.

His cooking accomplishments are major, as he prepared a meal for the first time in May when he did egg, bacon and toast bread for his wife, Tami Chin Mitchell, on Mother’s Day.

“I am not a chef. I have been learning and observing over the years,” he said on their Meet The Mitchells YouTube Channel in May.

“I am doing Mother’s Day breakfast for Tami. And fi tell yuh di truth, I don’t think I ever do a fry egg, but mi a nuh eediat, mi a observe and a watch over the years.”

And Wayne Marshall’s fans are proud of his growth, as they have seen him try his hands at various dishes.

“Clearly it was inside of you, you just didn’t know it. Congratulations chef. Real cooks are born with it, not created,” one social media user said.

Another added: “Listen talk about growth… Mother’s Day you had to get a lil assistant with eggs and bacon now you’re a BIG BIG chef!!!!! So happy for you!!!!!”

Many persons were simply proud of far he has come.

“Which is right🤗. Proud ah yuh suh til. Your journey is inspiring. It’s not where you start but where you finish. Enjoy the journey,” one person said.