‘It’s everything for me’: Shenseea and Tarrus Riley love their mini-mes

Adults have taken over Halloween but two kids are reminding us who the holiday is really about.

Taurrus Riley and Shenseea on the set of ‘Lighter’.

Shenseea and Taurrus Riley got the cutest surprise when a young boy and girl dressed up as the two artistes for Halloween. And it wasn’t just any look either, it’s the opening sequence from the Lighter music video complete with luxury vehicle to match.

We can’t help but wonder how much time was spent putting the looks together as they were spot on, BUZZ fam! We’re talking clothing, hear, accessories and even Riley’s moustache. Like, that’s pretty impressive.

Shenseea and Taurrus Riley’s dynamic duo impersonators.

Shenseea shared the picture and video of the two to her IG Stories with “Its everything for me. I love this!!!” and tagged Taurrus Riley, adding “look ya”.

Taurrus Riley reshared the picture and the video to his Instagram page dubbing the pair “Lil Singy” and “Lil Shen”.

The Lighter video marked a milestone yesterday as it crossed 20 million views on YouTube.

You can check out the video here