It’s just money! Jeff Bezos is first person worth US$200 billion

The world’s richest man just got richer!

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has seen his wealth top US$200 billion yesterday!

Jeff Bezos saw his net worth top US$200 billion yesterday, August 26, as shares of Amazon, the company he founded in 2004, soared.

Bezos, who becomes the first person ever to pass the milestone, ended the day with US$205 billion, about US$87 billion more than he started the year with.

His wealth keeps growing as e-commerce giant Amazon continues to be among a fortunate group of companies whose services have not only been unaffected but bolstered the drive for goods and services during the coronavirus pandemic.

Amazon’s share price has grown during the coronavirus pandemic as demand for goods and services has increased.

The person closest to Bezos is Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who is a distant second with US$116.1 billion, according to Forbes which has been tracking net worths for nearly four decades

Interestingly, Bezos would have been even richer had he not given a quarter of his Amazon stake to his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott in a divorce settlement last year. The value of that stock? An enormous US$63 billion, which makes her the 14th wealthiest person and second wealthiest woman in the world.