It’s love personified: American TV host raves about her first Trinidad Carnival experience

American TV host Rashan Ali has fallen in love with Trinidad Carnival.

Rashan, who is a co-host on TV One’s Sister Circle, gave a recap of her first carnival experience on-air last Thursday.

“It’s (Trinidad Carnival) everything I never expected.”

— Rashan Ali

Sister Circle is a TV One morning talk show and is hosted by reality TV star Quad Webb-Lunceford, Grammy-nominated singer Syleena Johnson, TV and radio host Rashan Ali and singer Trina Braxton.

The media personality, who played in Jinju with TRIBE Carnival, said: “Let me tell you about Trinidad [Carnival]…I cannot even put into words. If you’ve never been to carnival, do yourself a favour and go.”

See highlights from Rashan’s Trinidad Carnival experience in the gallery below.

“It is love personified. It’s everything I never expected. If you even have an ounce of low self-esteem, go to carnival,” she jokingly advised. “I felt like the finest person ever.”

Touch down in T&T

She also went on to talk about meeting Kes the Band frontman Kees Dieffenthaller and Iwer George, who she was rooting for to win Road March.

It appears her review won over her co-hosts, as they all declared live that they all intended to take holidays for carnival in 2021.

Watch Rashan’s full recap below:

Rashan is one of several celebs who touched down in Trinidad for carnival. Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, Usain Bolt, YouTube star/late-night talk show Lilly Singh were some of the notable names who were in town for the event.