‘It’s no good’: Christopher Martin gets upset after male fan tries to wine on him

Singer Christopher Martin was shocked when a male fan got too close.

Jamaican singer Christopher Martin is probably still trying to get over an encounter that we are certain that he was wasn’t expecting.

A video has emerged with the singer performing in Nairobi, Kenya, to what seems to be a sea of adoring fans. However, his performance was interrupted by a male fan who jumped on the stage as he was about to start a song.

“We can hug, don’t wine pon mi bwoy.”

— Christopher Martin

However, that was not the end of the situation, as the male, who approached the Big Deal singer, hugged the Jamaican and tried to gyrate on him.

Before the matter could get out of hand, the man was removed from the stage by security personnel after Martin had managed to push him away.

“We can hug, don’t wine pon mi bwoy,” the singer said, adding an expletive in the mix.

“Nairobi, it’s all love. He can hug me, but I don’t want him to do this on me. It’s no good, my brother,” he added in an African accent.

Luckily, the matter was quickly resolved, and the singer went on to perform for his screaming fans.