It’s the flexibility for me! Acrobatic Shenseea stuns fans

Based on our little assessment, it appears dancehall artiste Shenseea could have been a gymnast based on the flexibility she showed during the ‘Red Cup Challenge’.

Entertainer Shenseea showed off her flexibility on Wednesday. (Photo: Instagram – Shenseea)

In a video she posted on Instagram, Shenseea is seen standing as she balances the red cup on her head. She then sits down without the cup falling. While seated, she lifts her feet to take the cup off her head and place it on the floor behind her. She finished things off with a split and a smile.

She captioned the video, which has been viewed more than 600,000 times since Wednesday, saying: “OH SH*T! 🤣🤣🤣 It’s that big a** “pon di river” high waisted draws for me 🙃😂 #RedCupChallenge.”

But the underwear went almost unnoticed by her followers who thought she could have been a gymnast.

“Me nah pree you pretty white pan di riva inuh @shenseea. Me a pree how you talented, you a artist & gymnasts inna 1,” one person said.

Another added: “Me Love How Yuh Flexible Like an Acrobat.”

“1000/10 shen win the challenge,” one person said.

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While some commented on the luck of the cup, others said they wouldn’t dare try such a challenge.

“My body weight would’ve crack mi neck to PC lmao… well done shen,” one social media user said.

The ‘Red Cup Challenge’ was started in July by TikTok user Jena Frumes. In three months, that video garnered more than two million views and 347,000 likes.