It’s the luxury for me! Usain Bolt chooses growth over company

Usain Bolt frequently hashtags his photos with “country yute” and we’re beginning to understand why the reminder is needed.

Just by looking on, it may be easy for some to forget that the superstar was once just a humble athlete from Sherwood Content, Trelawny in Jamaica. Now, he’s one of the most recognisable faces in the world.

Having secured his place among history’s greatest athletes, the eight-time Olympic champion is enjoying the benefits of his work while focusing on the business of his brand.

After telling people to not badmind others for what they’ve worked hard for, the sprint double world record holder returned to Jamaica on a private jet on Sunday.

In case that wasn’t motivation enough for you to work hard on securing your own bag, Bolt shared a photo of himself in front the luxury plane today. The caption? A simple refrain that we see often on social media, “Mama told us when you’re getting your *** together, it gets lonely. But choose growth over company.”

We think it’s safe to say his mother, Jennifer Bolt, is pretty proud of where her son is today!