Melanin poppin’! Spice celebrates her “pretty black skin”

Dancehall artiste Spice has been having a pretty wild year. From the launch of her clothing line Graci Noir to purchasing her home in ATL and celebrating the anniversary of her Captured Mixtape, it doesn’t seem there’s much she can’t do.

However, the So Mi Like It artiste wasn’t always this confident and successful, as she shared when revealed last week she was broke when she made the song that propelled her to the forefront of dancehall. She also revealed this year, on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, that she had doubts about her skin complexion, from years of criticism, and how it may have impacted her career.

Those doubts led to her black empowerment anthem Black Hypocrisy, which she referenced in a self-confidence post today.

Spice, born Grace Hamilton, posted a photo of herself, looking amazing in a white, sequined bodysuit, melanin popping, and blonde wig, with a line from the song: “I was told I would reach further, if the color of my skin was lighter , and I was made to feel inferior, cause society say brown girls prettier. Mi love the way mi look , mi love mi pretty black skin, Respect due to mi strong Melanin”