I’ve always done ‘bad man’ music, says Delomar

Dancehall artiste Delomar said contrary to popular opinion he has always voiced ‘bad man’ songs.

Dancehall artiste Delomar

Delomar made the comments as his tune Badness gets rave reviews in the dancehall community, with some speculating about the artiste’s drastic shift from more upbeat dance music to a hard-core sound.

Popular selector Foota Hype, who reviewed the song, told his audience that he loved the tune noting that Delomar’s move towards diversifying his catalogue was long overdue, even speculating that the pandemic’s economic effect may have forced the change.

“But back then we did just want to buss, and anything fi make we buss a deh so we ting did deh – And dancing buss we.”

– Delomar

“Mi like this and member seh that a one of the thing dem that make RDX nuh bigger than how dem is, dem nah have variety, them only have gyal song,” said Foota Hype making reference to Delmoar’s career while part of a duo, which he’s currently taking a break from.

“So now, obviously the pandemic make them a realise seh, if them did have couple badman song them coulda a gwan eat some dubplate food and a make a thing through the pandemic, when no show nah keep; cause dem get show pon the international market, you understand what me a seh,” added Foota Hype.

“It’s in my DNA”

While admitting that the pandemic has given him time to think, Delomar said that badness has always been in his “DNA”.

“I agree with part of what him seh, but it nuh force me, badness is a part of me; a Waterhouse me come from, from day one zeet,” said Delomar

“Badness a part of my DNA, me live a dark life, JPS lock off mi light so me nuh have no light, a bare darkness, not even candle me never have, you zeet, and you done know how lamp stay, lamp expensive so me can’t by lamp neither, so a just crazy darkness we deh inna from day one,” added Delomar


Delomar said he’s had an opportunity to reflect on his career, noting that it’s given him a new perspective.

“The pandemic kind of give you time to sit down, because we did a travel so much, and all over the world we did ago, so with the pandemic it gave us the time to sit down and analyse our career and see which part we deh,” he said .

“So I wouldn’t say a because we want dub money and nothing nah gwan or the pandemic  no, a nuh because a dat, because our catalogue of music what we have, we can sit down and live off of that, that can pay our bills- me a tell you dat and still have money to do anything what we want fi do same way. But I love music,” he added.

Delomar explained that previously he had been looking to get a foot into the industry, and dance music gave him the entrance, so he stuck with it.

“But back then we did just want to buss, and anything fi make we buss a deh so we ting did deh – And dancing buss we. We sing a dancing song and it buss we and me end up seh you know what a yaso we a focus pon, we have to put badness aside and focus on dancing,” added Delomar.