Jada Kingdom accuses Young M.A of stealing her fan name

Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom has called out international entertainer Young M.A, accusing the rapper of stealing her fan name.

Jada Kingdom (Photo: Instagram @jadakingdom)

One week ago, Jada decided to name her fans ‘Kingdom Mab’. “I’m recording and I had to stop and let you guys know how emotional I am right now over y’all! Mi love uno bad,” she wrote on her Instagram story. 

“And yes, a Kingdom Mab mi start call unu cause unu mad and bad nuh f**k. Plus it ties back in with (mob). I know you all get it.”

Kingdom Mab vs MAB

But on Sunday Young Ma also took to her Instagram story to name her fans.

“So to all my day ones, to anyone who has ever supported me, and still supports me, you are now officially part of the Mabster. We are officially family! Welcome to the ‘MAB’ (MOB),” Young M.A said to her 5.1  million followers.

Young Ma (Photo: loudandquiet.com )

Jada wasn’t pleased

But Jada wasn’t pleased with the similarity between her ‘Kingdom Mab’ and Young M.A’s ‘MAB’. She took to her Instagram story to let Young M.A know exactly what she thought about her giving her fans such a similar name. 

“@youngma, guh s**k yuh gyal and stap nuffin up,” Jada said. “Lol, right after him like mi pic this happened, a joke.”

Young M.A has since stated that she got the suggestion for the name from one of her fan.

“Shout out to shorty right here @nubiancole for suggesting this name. I owe you big time. Imma send you some merch for free, gift package specially for you,” she wrote. 

Young M.A is yet to respond to Jada Kingdom.