Jada Kingdom exposes scammer

Dancehall artiste, Jada Kingdom

It’s funny BUZZ fam, someone actually thought they could scam dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom. Using an obviously fake page on Instagram, a ‘Miss Gold’ hopped into the East Syde Queen’s DMs to let her know she had won some grand prize but, of course, there’s a cost attached to claiming it.

“Hi, my name is Miss Gold and I want to tell you that you are a win of 15 million and you have to send a fee to claim your pize 5000 to get your prize,” the message which Jada later shared with her more than one million fans read.

Now BUZZ fam, we hope for your sake that you know that this is the most obvious way in which scammers operate.

And Jada being Jada poked fun at the whole situation.

“OMG really!?,” she responded, acting surprised.

“Yes, but you have to pay a fee of 5000 to claim your prize. Can you send the money through Western Union,” the scammer when on to instruct.

Jada’s fans, collectively thought audacity was on sale this year again, and praised the Win singer for how she handled the situation.

“Tell dem take the 5000 out of the 15mil and send di change 😂😂😂 dem lucky,” comedian Majah Hype commented.

“Tell her to take that 15 million go a waah english class,” one fan added.

“Same person tell mi seh me win Ps5 😂,” someone said.