Jada Kingdom gets in her feelings with ‘Happy Place’

BUZZ Fam, you know its love when the artiste put pen to paper, and write a song about their lover.

Dancehall artiste, Jada Kingdom released her latest single Happy Place which features English remixer, and songwriter, Toddla T. And after just a few lines in the song, we already know that the ‘East Syde Queen’ is singing about her boo, Verse Simmonds.

Since the two made their relationship public, they haven’t been shy with the PDA on the ‘Gram. Frequently writing long captions, detailing their love for each other. In a recent Instagram Live, Jada Kingdom let it known that she was a ‘complete yamhead’ for her man.

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On the track, Jada went further, calling him her ‘Happy Place’. “You’re my happy place/ You make life make sense/ You’re my best friend,” she sings.

Jada’s melodious vocal is soothing on this track, which is heightened when a choir joins her as backup singers in the chorus.

Since its release on Wednesday (September 30), it has racked up almost 25,000 views on YouTube. Jada’s fans are already predicting that this will be another hit.

“This on replay like wtf 🤣🤣me ago know every beat drop watch man nah ask Christ,” a fan said.

“Another one. billboard we say,” another commented.

Have a listen BUZZ Fam, and let us know in the comments what you think.