Jada Kingdom gets personal in ‘WiN’

Dancehall artiste, Jada Kingdom

Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom has diverged from her usual raunchy lyrics to bring her fans something more relatable in her new single, Win. The song details the struggles of poverty, and self-belief that many of us know all too well, but also underlies a determination and hope that things will get better.

One day I have to win, that’s why I try again

The accompanying video, shot in her home community of Seven Miles, Bull Bay, St Andrew complements the vulnerability that we are exposed to in the song and underscores that for Jada Kingdom this song is indeed personal.

Jada Kingdom bathing outside in a clip from the video

Bathing in an ‘outside bathroom’ in a bath pan, and getting ready in a small, packed bedroom is a scene that will resonate across audiences.

Mi know seh a time a di masta and everything mi seh mia aguh do, mi aguh afta.

Between scenes of Jada interacting with members of her community, and heartfelt moments with her mom, the artiste also incorporates scenes reflecting on the beach.

Mi stop tell miself she mi doh good enough, a nuh like she a just now life a rough.

The video, released on Sunday (July 26) has already racked almost 400,000 views on YouTube and is #3 on trending.

Undoubtedly, the Finally artiste has won over some new fans with this one.