Jada Kingdom is done beefing

Jada Kingdom is over squabbles and petty rivalry. The Heavy singjay, who is known to have a rocky history with Shenseea, took to Twitter today, June 28, to declare that she no longer wishes to engage in feuds.

Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom says she is done beefing and wants to ‘fix that’.

“F**k all that beef shit!” she said. “I really hate how we always wait until something tragic happens to spread peace and show each other love. I wanna say i get it but that shit is sad & lame…let’s fix that!”

The tweets come two days after Kingdom sent condolences to Shenseea via Instagram following her mother’s passing.

The artiste’s words come after she reached out to rival Shenseea, following the recent passing of her mother.

The two entertainers were actually once friends, and evidence of their falling out unfolded on social media in 2018. Kingdom blasted the Loodi singer for body-shaming her hairstylist cousin, who invited Shenseea to her salon after criticising a hairdo she had posted. That incident preceded several instances of concealed exchanges thrown between the artistes, and heightened in November when Shenseea threw words at her adversary during the Red Bull Culture Clash at Kingston’s National Arena. Kingdom clapped back a day later with the acclaimed diss track, Shen Heng.

Their most recent spat occurred in March when Kingdom seemingly threw shade at Shenseea’s The Side Chick Song.

Just as fans were proud of the Banana artiste for waving the white flag last week, they have also shown their approval for Kingdom and Shenseea making amends.

“Dats sum real grown up shid right there, reach out,” said one user.

“Let by guns be by guns! Reunite with @SHENYENG,” said another.

Another added, “Nuh call nuh name jah jah let her ease her way into it this is good.”