Jada Kingdom is over your “earthquake” jokes

Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom

Jada Kingdom is no longer feeling those “earthquakes” jokes about her, especially in light of the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti. The Caribbean country is currently reeling from the impact of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that rocked it on Saturday (August 14).

So far more than 13,000 citizens have been reported dead. And rescue teams are under pressure trying to locate missing people before tropical storm Fred lands in the vulnerable country on Monday (August 16).

In Jamaica, public figures, and members of the entertainment fraternity have been expressing their shock at the consecutive calamities that continue to befall Haiti.

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Among them was the Heavy singer. Jada was aghast at the damage done in Haiti by the earthquake and took to her Instagram to express it. “No no no no no!!! #PRAYFORHAITI😌💔,” she wrote.

In a later post, Jada shared with her followers that she’d be performing at in Hartford, Connecticut, on Sunday (August 15). To promote the show, she shared clips of a previous performance in which she is shaking her conspicuous “badum” while fans reach out to try and touch.

Jada Kingdom showed off her voluptuous figure in a recent Instagram post

Jada has never shied away from showing off her thick thighs, and large derrière. She even celebrated it in songs like Budum and It a Shake which features Skilibeng. The latter being the baseline for many of the earthquakes jokes about her.

And after posting that video of her shaking her butt, one fan took to the comment section joke that it was her “heaviness,” that was causing the earth to “shake,”

“A that cause the earthquake eno Jada!!! I love it,” the fan wrote.

But this time, Jada did not find it funny, and in a very calm manner made that known.

“Done with the earthquake jokes….plenty people lost their lives….,” she replied.

The post has since been deleted.