Jada Kingdom mocks trolls who claim she’s on drugs

It appears those “Jada Kingdom is on drugs” rumours are not going away, and the East Syde Queen has found a new way of dealing with them.

Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom

The rumours resurfaced after Jada revealed a new lotus flower tattoo on the left side of her face. While some fans were feeling her new ink, others thought it was a little too much, especially since she got a new tattoo days prior. These fans went into her comments section to express their “concern”.

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“Tat on point mama, but dont get close to the white man 🌍 with all due respect,” one wrote.

“What are you going through sis?”, asked one fan.

“Wish you stop putting on tattoos now,” someone commented.

Well, Jada obviously read some of those comments, and posted a series of photos soon after showing off her tattoo with a caption that showed exactly how she felt about them.

“Straight from the camera roll…eat my a$$..🖕🏽👅,” she wrote.

This post was followed by another one, in which a fan satirically asked Jada to give her the link to her dealer so she too could get a flat belly. Jada reposted the video, and jokingly commented that she ” suu shat yuh di link! 🍚.”

And that wasn’t all, Jada took her amusement to Twitter where she declared that she was okay, and gave a very funny reason as to why.

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