Jada Kingdom rubbishes suicide rumours

Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom

Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom caught wind of rumours circulating that she had attempted suicide and disputed them in an Instagram Live video.

“This rumor was going around, saying I was in the hospital, that I tried to commit suicide, that’s a lie. That’s a f**king lie,” she told fans who tuned in.

She added; “I needed a social media detox and I took a two-week break and that was the best two weeks of my f**king life. You guys should try it,”

The ‘East Syde Queen’ also used the Live to address other rumours that she heard about herself, including one that she did plastic surgery.

“Shape good run inna the family. Wi never just walk and just pick it up so, a God gi wi. So it did unda deh areddi, girl did just thicka dan she fi thick. And gyal did look nice from morning. Period,” she said.

Adding; “So everybody inna mi inbox a talk bout how mi do surgery pon mi stomach, f**k you!.”

Urban Islandz reports that Jada also revealed to her fans that she was diagnosed with diabetes in 2016, and because of this drastically changed her lifestyle.

“I was eating a bunch of foolishness, everything fried. Rice was my best friend,” she said.

She said she started taking better care of her body by doing liquid diets, eating healthier and revealed that she’s been a pescatarian for two years now.