Jada Kingdom says baby, marriage in future with Verse Simmonds

The world has gone from thinking recently Jada Kingdom was single to knowing she has a long-term boyfriend who she wants to marry and have a child with.

Jada Kingdom and Verse Simmonds share a tender moment in this pic shared to his Instagram page.

The Budum artiste shared the news during a question and answer on her partner, Verse Simmonds’ Instagram Live last evening.

The NSFW chat saw the pair delve into their private lives and boy, was it a lot to take in.

From discussions about how they met to their marathon sex sessions – although an hour is fine by her – little was off limits as the artiste and producer duo let fans into their lives.

Verse Simmonds and Jada Kingdom

Perhaps the most surprising for some was when the 22-year-old artiste said she sees not just a marriage in the offing, but a baby as well.

Jada said, “Mi ago breed, belly a go big and shine, and him ago put a ring pon it, period”, pretty much laying out the groundwork for their relationship.

The pair are currently in the United States where Jada travelled to recently to celebrate their birthdays together. They released a collaborative track Bedroom Bully, last week.