Jada Kingdom says she did not authorize Teejay collab release

Everyone else might be vibing to that new Teejay, and Jada Kingdom collab, except Jada Kingdom. In fact, she is quite upset that the song was released.

Now you might remember BUZZ Fam, shortly before the song, titled Love Experience dropped Teejay tried to stir up some controversy around it by suggesting that the collab with Jada had caused some contention in the Romeich entertainment camp.

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But it turns out he didn’t even need to, Jada created all the controversy herself. The ‘East Syde Queen’ went on her Instagram Live to to inform her fans that she did not approve of the version of the song that was released.

“I did a song with Teejay, him link me fi do di song, you know mi nuh hitch cause you know a mi singer dat, you done know. I sent over the demo, like you know, pre-mix it likkle bit make it sound nice ray ray ray cause one ting bout my demo dem, when mi send my demo a basically exactly how the final suppose to sound right,” she said.

But she said Teejay’s team mixed her demo to suit them, and she wasn’t pleased. “Dem send mi back a version weh mi never did comfortable with but dem fight me pon it, fight mi pon it and den me fight dem pon it and dem say you know alright mi a go listen to you. Dem never listen to me! Dem still end up upload fi dem version, the wrong version,” she said.

But Jada made it clear that she wasn’t doing the Live to disrespect anyone, especially Teejay who she describes as “her artiste”, but she needed to clear the air as people were messaging her inquiring why she wasn’t promoting the song.

Shortly after her rant, Teejay was in her inbox apologizing. Jada later informed her fans that the deejay’s team would be removing the current version of the song and uploading a new one.

“Now dem a go tear it down and we a go upload it back again. When I’m happy everybody is happy, if mi nuh happy nobody caan bloodcl**t sleep in yah!,” she said.