Jada Kingdom says she is ‘unstoppable’

Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom

Declaring that she is “unstoppable” dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom has returned to social media after a brief hiatus.

Jada’s return follows news that she’s currently facing a lawsuit from her Management Company, Pop Style Music Publishing, and her manager- Pop Style.

According to local media, Jada is being accused of libeling her manager and management company in comments she made in an Instagram Live video on April 13.

In the video which was broadcasted to her almost two million Instagram followers, Jada alleged that her manager and management were not being honourable in their financial dealing with her.  

However, the lawsuit labelled Jada’s comments as damaging and false and she is being asked to pay general damages, interest on damages and to issue an apology to her management team and its Principal.

Of course, social media was abuzz with this news and was eagerly awaiting a response from the East Syde Queen, especially since she has been MIA for while.

Well, she returned a day after and had this to say; “I’m off to better things, i’m only doing sh!t that’s gonna make me elevate.”

But her elevation is a process, and a cryptic tweet on Monday suggests that Jada has a lot on her mind, and maybe some regrets too.