Jada Kingdom says she may not release music this year because of “politics”

Jada Kingdom has announced that she may not be able to release music all year.

Jada Kingdom

The news comes less than a month after she said she was working on building a team, a factor which plays a major role in her current predicament.

Besides her producer boyfriend Verse Simmonds, Kingdom has been pulling the strings of her career by herself.

“You’d be surprised how much songs mi have siddung pon but mi still a put een more work cause dem must release one day.”

– Jada Kingdom

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to release any music this year but if I do you guys will definitely know of course because I’m going to announce it,” she said during an Instagram Live. “I’m trying to just figure out mi space inna di industry and I can’t do it alone. I’m tired… Me and Verse right now trying to work on my team, management and all of that…”

Some fans were in disbelief, especially since she was slated to drop an EP on February 14. The Yuh Betta artiste said it isn’t a prank, and added that there are more factors at play.

“I’m really sorry guys but it’s deeper than just me,” she said. “I don’t think you guys really understand when I say, ‘Yow, I don’t have a team’… The EP done, everything ready, but is a lot of politics a gwaan, a lot of f**kery a gwaan, it deeper than just music. It’s also music business and because a dat mi haffi wait so hopefully by summer mi can drop some music but if not, then next year. Mi hope unno stick around.”

Jada Kingdom and her boyfriend, Verse Simmonds, who is the only person currently on her management team.

She said that she is also conflicted about her brand.

“Me feel kinda off-balanced. When mi just start mi career mi feel like mi did know weh mi did a go… Since recently, mi nah go lie to unno, I don’t know where I’m going. Mi feel like everything just shaky, nothing nuh clear, everything a fall apart and right now mi a try figure out mi team and set di ting di right way so right now mi just a lay low likkle bit and just a put een more work. You’d be surprised how much songs mi have siddung pon but mi still a put een more work cause dem must release one day.”

Until then, Kingdom will feed fans with upcoming visuals of her most recent releases including Trix. She’ll also be hosting a meet-and-greet in Kingston and Montego Bay soon, and said she will also be doing live shows.