Jada Kingdom says she suffers from bipolar depression

Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom

Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom has revealed to her fans that she suffers from bipolar depression.

She shared the news while addressing people who were criticising her weight loss, and who suggested that it was a result of her doing drugs.

Their berating came after the ‘East Syde Queen’ posted a series of photos of herself in which she admitted to being drunk.

“May i? #DrunkAF,” she captioned the photos from a night out.

Even though she said the photos were taken while she was drunk, her fans in the comment section expressed their concern about her appearance.

“Look Tired Mon B❤️😌,” one fan commented.

“U look depress please stay strong,” another added.

But in follow-up incandescent post on Instagram, the Win artiste labelled those criticising her as “hypocrites”.

“Note to hypocrites: F**K YU!🖕🏽, Guh look fi ah dog and s**k it HARD,” she captioned a post that showed photos of her when she had on more weight.

She continued; “If losing all that weight means i’m sniffing coke then call me coke head Twinkle caz I LOVE IT HERE! 💃🏽☺️ neva been this happy.
#2yearsoffighting I worked hard for this…”

“living with bipolar depression opened my eyes to so much and i jus wanna say… Fuk yu! agen & agen,tf unu feel like😂🖕🏽 #Cokeheadtwinkle,” she added.

Her post was immediately flooded with fans supporting her rant, and encouraging her to stay strong.

“And that’s on Mary had a little lamb,” dancehall artiste Spice commented.

“Keep strong bbyg nuh watch weh haters haffi seh we are routing for you always,” someone wrote.

“Nuh pay dem nuh mind yah 🙄 only you know uh struggles and can tell uh own story,” another added.