Jada Kingdom sends condolences to Shenseea

Dancehall artistes, Jada Kingdom (left) Shenseea (right)

Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom put her feud with Shenseea aside and joined her in grieving the passing of her mom. The Heavy artiste took to her Instagram to publicly send her condolences to her.

“Regardless of the differences we’ve had over the years, today I’m standing up to respectfully send my condolences to you and your family,” she wrote.

Jada Kingdom and Shenseea had shared some kind of friendship in the past, but that turned sour in 2018 after the two engaged in a public spat. Things heated up in 2019 at the Red Bull Culture Clash when Shenseea surprised Jada with a diss song, which Jada responded to a day later with the brutal track Shen Heng.

But in her post to Shenseea, Jada told her to take comfort in the fact that she made her mom proud. “I know there are no words that can really help you at a time like this but you made her so proud and will continue to do so,”

Fans and non-fans alike praised Jada for her maturity in reaching out to Shenseea, and are keeping their fingers crossed that this will be the end of their feud.