Jada Kingdom the actress? Artiste cracks fans up with hilarious skit

Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom

Jada Kingdom’s goofy personality is one of the best-selling points for this fast-rising dancehall artiste. And her fans love for her it.

Just tune in to any of her Instagram Live or watch her Tik Tok videos to see someone who is unafraid to be herself and cracking up her fans while she’s at it.

In her latest video posted on her Instagram page, Jada Kingdom showed her fans how a “bad gyal” from Jamaica responds when her partner says “I love you”.

Playing both the enchanted man and nonchalant woman, the Love Situations artiste gave fans a scenario on how a Jamaican woman responds to PDA.

“Jah know, look how mi woman beautiful, mi love,” the enamoured man said. To which the woman responds: “Mi rate yuh to,” with exasperated indifference.

This conversation goes on for a little while, with the “man” persisting in saying “I love you”, hoping to get the same response. Unfortunately, all he got was an irritated woman saying: “Mi rate you to…I rate you also.”

And her fans could not contain their laughter, with some agreeing with how that scenario played out.

“Di lady never tell a lie🤣🤣🤣cya bad and love di bwoy at di same time…pick one,” one fan commented.

“Like them caa understand we language😂,” another said.

Of course, we know this was all in the name of fun. Jada Kingdom has expressed her love multiple times for her boyfriend, American singer and songwriter Verse Simmonds.