Jada Kingdom to launch wig line

Jamaican singer Jada Kingdom is going into the wig business.

Jada Kingdom

The entertainer revealed today that she has spent almost two years sourcing the perfect hair vendor, which she has now found. 

“Di hair f**king expensive but mi still a sell it back fi a decent price,” she said. “Mi nuh think nobody too buy bundles again but mi a sell one and three textures… Full lace wigs, a really that mi a focus pon. Frontal wig, closure wig, full lace, HD lace, all a dem sinting deh because mi a spend too much f**king money pon wigs. Every other day mi a buy a new wig, fi wah? A better mi rep mi own f**king thing.”

“That’s why mi a wear so much wig cause mi waan braid it. Mi tired a bald head.”

– Jada Kingdom

The wigs will be available on her upcoming website, which will also bear her Jadur Kastel swimsuit line.

“Wigs, clothes, everything a forward but everything a go under one website, mi cya do di messy-messy something,” she said. “The website a go fun. Mi waan people just waan go pon it just fi go pon it cause it just fun… Mi waan when people go pon it dem waan buy something too… Presentation is key.”

She added that she also intends to make her own fragrance, adding, “Mi a wait pon the right time fi everything. Mi believe inna myself enuh and that alone a go bring mi far.”

She asked for suggestions on names for her wigline which proved futile with names like “Wigs by Jada” and “Wigdom”.

“Hear wah, no badda… Mi nah diss unno suggestions but ‘Wigs by Jada’? Dat nah go work, it too boring. Mi have one bagga name inna mi notes write down already so mi a go just stick to my thing dem.”

Speaking of hair, she shared that she is currently growing out her signature short hair.

“That’s why mi a wear so much wig cause mi waan braid it. Mi tired a bald head… Mi waan braid it and as soon as mi braid it then mi trim it again then mi bleach it. Mi just waan some different look so when mi have pickney mi can seh, ‘See it deh, mommy hair did grow and mommy did braid har hair…nothing nuh impossible’.”