Jada Kingdom vs Shenseea? ‘Banana’ singer releases diss track for ‘Dancehall Princess’

Jada Kingdom (left) has dissed Shenseea on a track called Sheng Heng.

If there wasn’t a war before, there’s certainly one now that Jada Kingdom has done a diss track for Shenseea called Sheng Heng.

For years, the two entertainers have been at odds, often throwing shade at each other on social media. But things took a turn on Saturday when the two were part of the Red Bull Culture Clash at the National Arena, St Andrew.

Jada Kingdom at the Red Bull Culture Clash on Saturday.
Jada Kingdom at the Red Bull Culture Clash on Saturday.

Throwing shade

While part of the Romeich Entertainment team, Shenseea hurled many insults at Jada Kingdom, referring to her as ‘Jada Kongdum’ while singing on the beat for Jada Kingdom’s Banana.

Although Jada was relatively silent during the clash, except when she told her Strike Force teammate to ‘watch ee time’, she has come out firing. Bright and early Monday morning, Jada released the Sheng Heng track.

Di gyal a sell har mouth from QQ a say better mus come and now mi caan see weh the b*tch a run dung/ Everybody f*ck it and dem nuh haffi have no funds/ She friendly and dumb, she will dweet fi di fun,” Jada sang in the song.

Shenseea is yet to respond to the Jada Kingdom track.


Her fans have been going crazy, and both entertainers are now trending.

But this is not the first time that Jada has mentioned the clash. Sunday night she suggested that she would be releasing a condom brand called ‘Kongdum’. “Dem condom ya aguh hard fi buss jus like mi self yah so worry not,” she said.

Funny, Jada. Very funny.

Mad and bad

On Monday, she went a bit further on Instagram.

“Dem ship yuh back from Suriname weh night fi come fass wid mi pon di clash. Couldn’t even hear wah youda beat up big suwa mouth bout caz a lone boo dem gi yuh,” she said.

“It did affy announce seh it neva did aguh come a di clash ppl! caz any how mi did know mi wudda heng it same time! Duppy Yeng! you PLANNED for me and still flop yuh self #WackAttack mi usually mek yuh get weh enuh but mi a len yuh piece a mi rope dis time, show yuh how mad and bad mi be p***y! @shenseea #MadAndBad #KingdomMab #ShenHeng.”

That’s harsh.

But will Shenseea respond? That’s the question many have been asking on social media. However, so far, Shenseea has been completely silent on the matter. Instead, she has been actively promoting her song, Foreplay.