Jah Cure says he’s not in any “holy Rasta” competition

Jah Cure appreciates the finer things in life and he’s not making any apologies for it.

Hell will freeze over before reggae singer Jah Cure starts dressing like a “1960s Rasta”. The artiste said he has suffered enough after living among roaches and chinks while serving a prison sentence years ago, and is not about to miss out on the luxuries of life.

“It’s time to taste the glory of the work, nobody nuffi get jealous if dem see Jah Cure wear two shoes, drive a Benz,” he said in a recent Instagram Live. “Bob Marley did deh bout yah and a bimma him did a drive. If Bob Marley did alive a probably four G-wagon inna him garage right now… Any Rasta waan fake out dem life and gwaan like dem a deal with Rasta competition fi be the most holy Rasta man, I’m not on that. I take a drink sometimes, I take a smoke, I put on a little one tat pon mi body and mi put on a one earring.”

“Mi will dig weh dirt with mi Rolex pon mi hand; we like nice things but we never worship them.”

– Jah Cure

He added that his fashion choices are catered to women, as they are the ones who support his music the most.

“Mi dress fi di ladies dem, mi live for them so please don’t get it twisted,” he said. “Up to now mi ASCAP cheque dem…di songs weh mi sing for di ladies a dem pay mi di most…so mi cya stop sing love song. Mi nah stop sing roots and culture but mi a left dat fi Chronixx dem fi gwaan bask inna.”

Though he’s unapologetic about his affinity for nice things, he said he’s not governed by material possessions.

Jesse Royal, who’s known to show a little skin on occasion, has also challenged the traditional views of how Rastas should be.

“Mi a di only man weh will jump off inna any river or sea with mi millions a diamonds pon mi neck and mi never care,” he said. “Mi will dig weh dirt with mi Rolex pon mi hand; we like nice things but we never worship them.”

His argument comes after frequent uproar about his fashion choices and ostentatious lifestyle, from his sparkling jewelry, tight pants, high fashion splurges, and cars that match his fly.

Jesse Royal is another Rasta who challenges the traditional views of how Rastafarians should present themselves, as he likes to show some chest and ab-action here and there, fancies a well-fitted outfit, and is often seen sporting jewelry.

In his 2018 song No Guarantee, Protoje also tackled antiquated philosophies of the Rastafari lifestyle, arguing that it’s perfectly okay for Rastas to drive luxury vehicles as Emperor Haile Selassie owned several Benz vehicles.