Jah Vinci says he knew ‘Virgin’ would change his “underrated” status

Artistes always debate on whether they can tell if a song will hit or miss, but for singer Jah Vinci, he knew upon recording Virgin that he had something special in his hands.

The song, which forms part of his seven-track EP I Am the World Singer, has done exactly what he had intended when making the project: catapult him from the underrated status to that of recognition.

“Mi nuh really waan get too excited over the song, mi know the song bad but mi nuh like show how mi feel.”

– Notnice

“When mi finish voicing the track mi a tell Notnice (producer) seh mi feel like dah one yah a di hit,” he said during a recent Onstage interview. “Mi even have friends weh mi a tell ‘Yow dah track yah, when it drop just wait. It a go be trouble’. It’s a great look fi see seh we speak it into existence.”

It’s his biggest buzz since his 2018 Celebration collaboration with Quada, and Jah Vinci recalled being labelled ‘washed-up’ even during that time.

“One time mi deh inna one phone shop…and a likkle juvenile in deh, dem time deh mi just drop Celebration. Celebration a play, di youth never know seh mi inside a di office… Him a seh ‘Dah youth yah him nav nuh come back a come back’ and mi walk out and him surprised… At the end of the day we nuh tek it as a bad thing, we just put in more work cause we see we comment left from ‘underrated’ to ‘you have the hottest song inna dancehall right now’ so it’s a good look fi di team.”

Making Virgin

Jah Vinci says it was the sexiness of the instrumental that inspired the lyrics for Virgin. Notnice said the singer called him close to midnight one night to sing the song, and that he asked him to come to the studio right away despite the curfew.

“Mi nuh really waan get too excited over the song, mi know the song bad but mi nuh like show how mi feel,” Notnice said. “When him gone mi go suh and call two girl and play the song mek dem hear cause a suh mi test dem. Yuh have a girl song, yuh haffi call two girl and mek dem hear it. All a dem seh ‘No man, dis bad man…’.”

The rest, as they say, is history.

Jah Vinci said fans can look out for the upcoming music video for the EP track Basic, and said he’ll be serving visuals for all songs on the project.

“None a di tracks sound di same and that was the aim fi mek sure seh everybody have a favourite song on the EP and I think we accomplished that.”