Jamaica Food & Drink Festival: Chopstix – The originals shine

Jamaica Food & Drink Festival’s Chopstix 2019 had the fusion stars but let’s not forget the tried and proven Asian traditional favourites.

Sagicor offered a Dim Sum Bar manned by Lorraine Fung. She offered some Dim Sum Favourites that are always crowd-pleasers. There is nothing better than biting into a hot ‘heart-touching’ (literal translation of Dim Sum) Chinese treat.

Sagicor’s Dim Sum Bar

The buffet laid out Pork & Chicken Sui Mai, Char Sui Boa, Chicken Sui Boa, Shrimp, Pork & Veggie Pot Stickers, Char Sui Pork, Steamed Chicken, Fah Cheong, Assorted Steamed Veggies, Egg & Rice Noodles available with Ginger Escallion & Hot Pepper Soy Sauces.

Plated dim sum

If it’s not broken don’t fix it, especially for those who aren’t as adventurous as others and just wanted to enjoy the night with friends eating food they knew and loved.

Dim sum buffet at Chopstix

Sora Japanese Restaurant’s Chef Takahashi fuelled the demand for his East Coast US style sushi rolls with the Fyah Turner Shrimp Roll served with a Japanese Spicy Sauce.

Fyah Turner Shrimp Roll

For those who are newcomers to sushi, this was perfect, as the roll had cooked shrimp and the creamy spicy sauce packed a punch of flavour. Although, fusion to the Japanese cuisine itself is rapidly taking hold on Jamaica’s food scene.

Chef Takahashi from Sora Japanese Restaurant

Rainforest Seafoods took the opportunity to treat the patrons of Chopstix to the wide array of uncooked & cooked sushi they offer at their restaurant in Montego Bay.

Rainforest Seafoods booth at Chopstix

They offered Spicy Edamame, Plantain Roll, Torched Salmon Roll, Jumbo Shrimp Tempura Roll, Rainbow Roll, Special California Roll, Tuna & Salmon Nigiri and Tuna & Salmon Sashimi.

Speaking with Bethany Young the marketing manager of Rainforest Seafoods, she revealed that the company is planning to step up its offerings in Kingston from sushi platters at General Foods Supermarkets and Pricemart, to opening a sister restaurant to the one in Montego Bay that offers an in-house dining experience. 2020 already seems to be an exciting year.

Monika Brown, Stacy West & Nicole Morris trying sushi for the first time and loving it.

Dawn Mitchell catered to the sweeter side of life with Coconut Rice pudding with Mango, Fruit Salad with Tapioca pearls & Jackfruit, Fried Sesame Balls with Red Bean Paste and Hong Egg Tarts.

Dawn Mitchell’s booth being manned by her daughter Amanda Mitchell

Her expertly placed pyramids of small dessert cups served as a neon sign to grab your attention to try everything.

Cups of sweet treats ready to go.

These traditional Asian treats catered to all palates and were crowd favourites which only goes to show that Asian Cuisine has gained a larger following and is here in Jamaica to stay.

— Written by Attalia Harriman

Attalia Harriman is the Director of Operations and Product Development with Treadways Brands Ltd and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from UWI Mona. She has been writing a food blog since 2013 which eventually evolved into Treadways Kitchen Herbed Pepper Sauce. She is known as an avid foodie & connoisseur of wines and spirits.