Jamaica for the win: Usain Bolt features on Snack Wars

When it comes to endorsements, Jamaican and world sprint legend Usain Bolt is usually the man to do it, with companies lining up to have him give their products and services the thumbs up.

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Therefore, when it’s time to compare snacks between Jamaica and the United Kingdom, his opinion usually counts for something.

Sportsbible had the world record holder testing and comparing a variety of snack items to see what would be his preference.

The items being compared were: Zion roots vs Irn-Bru, Brunswick mackerel vs Glenryck Pilchards, Butterkist coconut cookies vs cherry bakewell, salt and vinegar crisps vs St Marys banana chips and Bigga grape soda vs Vimto grape.

The British snacks took an early lead with Irn-Bru and the Glenryck Pilchards getting the nod from the Olympian. However, his taste buds were clearly pointed in the Jamaican direction when they unveiled coconut cookies, banana chips and Bigga soda which allowed Jamaica to take home the prize of having the best snacks.

While some of the items brought back pleasant memories of Bolt’s younger days, Bolt clearly did not enjoy some of the options even wondering how someone could drink roots.

Bolt did the snack wars as part of the promotion linked to the Socceraid charity football game that is set for June at the Old Trafford Stadium in England where an English eleven will take on a world eleven.