Jamaican actor Dale Elliot trolls Twitter for calling him ‘too loud’

Lead actor of Sprinter, Jamaican talent Dale Elliot. (Photo: Instagram @DaleElliottJr

Going back to his comedic roots, Jamaican actor Dale Elliott, seemingly admitting his brash expressionism on Saturday (July 4) pulled several voiceless, silent jabs at Twitter users who trolled him hours earlier.

The successful former-viner-turned-actor posted a video after several memes popped up asking who was louder: Elliott, another comedian Deno Crazy or a disposable cake container.

Choose your fighter, BUZZ fam.
And the winner is….

“Heard I was too loud,” the actor responded in a 37-second video where his usual antics were missing some (read a lot) of volume.

Elliott, the lead star of Jamaican-made film Sprinter, had previously acknowledged his vulgar mannerisms after social media users claimed he was ‘unfunny and too loud’ in 2018 during his days as a comedic act.

He addressed some of his critics when he appeared as a guest to fellow Jamaican YouTuber and comedian Rushane ‘Dutty Berry’.

Still, even without sound, some Jamaican Twitter users continued to troll Elliott for somehow managing to be loud in his rant.