Jamaican actor has ‘spiritual’ experience in Africa

Kevoy Burton (left) cracks a laugh on the set of the movie.

Having made the trek to Ghana, Africa, for his role in the movie ‘Joseph’, Jamaican actor Kevoy Burton has described his journey as a ‘spiritual’ one.

“The African experience was not only exciting but spiritual for me. I felt a sense of belonging in the country, and the people treated me as such,” Burton said.

Kevoy Burton (left) shares a light moment with one of his co-stars.

Burton plays the lead role ‘Joseph’ that was shot by an international film crew that has synchronised the timing of the movie with Ghana’s Year of Return. With this initiative, the nation welcomes persons from the African Diaspora back to the Motherland.

“I felt a sense of belonging in the country, and the people treated me as such.”

– Kevoy Burton

‘Joseph’ is about a young affluent Jamaican man who is on a mission to discover his African ancestry.

“The movie is great for the time. The narrative that is taking place now, in 2019, fits well with the movie. It is the Year of Return in Ghana, and more and more people are making the trek back to Africa,” Burton said.

Soca artiste Alison Hinds (right) and Kevoy Burton (left) are just a couple of the Caribbean nationals who have roles in ‘Joseph’.

“The film debunks myths about Africa and African culture, shows how easy it is to integrate into African society and creates a new image of the country. I feel it will do extremely well.”

The film also boasts a strong cast, including soca artiste Alison Hinds, Grammy-nominated singer Shontelle and Jamaican actor Christopher McFarlane.