Jamaican artist sues Beyonce and Jay-Z over ‘Black Effect’ vocals

Dr. L’Antoinette Stines (left) Beyonce and Jay-Z Carter (right)

Dr. L’Antoinette Stines, dancer, choreographer, lecturer and artistic director of L’Acadco, one of the Caribbean’s most recognized dance companies is suing superstar couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z Carter for use of her work on their 2018 track, Black Effect.

According to court documents acquired by TMZ, Dr. Stines said her voice was used on the track without compensation or credit.

Dr. Stines, a renowned choreographer, explained that she was sought after by Jay-Z and Beyonce in March 2018 to provide dancers for a video promoting their upcoming tour.

The lawsuit which was filed on Tuesday in federal court, claimed that after providing the dancers, Dr Stines was asked by the couple to record her views on love. She claimed she was told the interview would be used in the video “for promotional purposes only”.

So she was shocked when she heard Black Effect from The Carters’ “Everything Is Love” album, and realised that the first minute of the song is her voice-impassionately explaining the concept of love.

According to the lawsuit, hearing herself on the song without credit has left Dr Stines feeling ‘artistically raped’, and she is bent on remedying that.

She is suing Jay and Bey for copyright infringement and violation of her right to publicity, plus damages. She also wants a writing credit, and everything that comes with that.

The lawsuit claims a contract for her services was only given to her on the day of the shoot, and she signed, without having her lawyers look at it first.