Jamaican-born actress Zahra Newman stars in time-travel film, ‘Long Story Short’

Jamaican-born Australian actress Zahra Newman

Jamaican-born Australian actress Zahra Newman will star in a romantic time-travel comedy, Long Story Short.

Newman will play an aspiring novelist, married to a London native who is cursed to with jumping forward to his wedding anniversary each year to see just how horribly his life has gone wrong.

In speaking with the Canberra Weekly, Newman said she was drawn to the movie for the challenge it presented. She also said her character was “really quick-witted” and “not terribly fazed by a lot” which she enjoyed playing.

Zahra Newman in a scene from ‘Long Story Short’ with co-star Rafe Spall.
(Supplied: Studio Canal/Brook Rushton)

“Doing something that’s not necessarily how I would see myself as a romantic lead, or the wife in a romantic comedy is not really what I’ve done before, so being able to do something like that and go ‘oh, I’m able to do that’ … that was really fun to be able to explore those sides of myself,” she said.

She revealed that the film was shot in 2019 but put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, noting, “we were so blissfully ignorant of what was to come in 2020.”

“I actually think the messages inside of this film about stopping and smelling the flowers and honouring the moment that you’re having now, that message is actually resonating a little bit stronger than we may have initially thought when we first made the movie.”

Long Story Short was released to cinemas on February 11.