Jamaican producer breaks YouTube counter with PNL’s viral rap video

Ademo (right) and N.O.S (far left) from the French rap duo PNL in Jamaica recently (Photo contributed, YouTube)

PNL, France’s hottest rap duo, and Jamaican director Dennis Brown collaborated to produce the exhilarating visuals for the Blanka music video.

N.O.S gets some love from the camera as the other half of PNL looks on in the recently released BLANKA music video (Photo contributed, YouTube)

The video, released on August 2, highlights the dreamy, sensual elements of marijuana culture in Jamaica, and was shot over 7 days, across 9 parishes.

In an exclusive interview with BUZZ, Brown said, “Unlike the norm of shooting in daylight to capture the island’s beauty, this video was strategically shot in the night to capture surreal-looking images never before seen in the light.”

Video producer Dennis Brown showcases the best of Jamaica and local marijuana culture through the eyes of French rap upstarts, PNL (Photo contributed, YouTube)

Eight hours after its release the video traffic for Blanka broke the Youtube counter at four million views, which is still climbing by the hour.

See the full video and the amazing visuals right here in Jamaica for PNL’s latest single Blanka below: