Jamaican singer Lila Ike is making major moves

Lila Ike was lost in the music as she performed for her audience at Tracks Live Sessions recently. (Photos: Contributed)

Singer Lila Ike was in fine form last Thursday night inside the Usain Bolt Tracks & Records on Constant Spring Road, St Andrew, as she laid down her musical photo album for all to see.

In an interview with BUZZ shortly after finishing her set, Lila said: “2019 has been a really great year, the most blessed year of my career.”

It was the revived Tracks Live Sessions, which also featured Dre Island, and Lila had patrons eating out of the palm of her hands inside the jam-packed venue.

“2019 has been a really great year.”

— Lila Ike

With a growing catalogue of hits, including Where I’m Coming From, Second Chance and Biggest Fan, Lila, the ‘country girl’ from Christiana, Manchester, is about to launch a global attack.

“I went to Europe recently for my first solo tour. This time I got to perform a full set which lasted more than an hour. It’s just really nice to see that people are really interested in what I have to say and stand up to listen,” she said.

Lila’s love affair with music began while she was attending Manchester High School. She would often sing for her fellow students and perform at school functions.

“I’ve just always loved music and entertaining people. Me grow up having a different level of consciousness and it deh pon an inspirational level. Me get to sing songs and inspire people, and that’s really what drives me,” said Lila.

The second of four children, Lila attended Northern Caribbean University in Manchester, and later, she spent a semester at the University of the West Indies.

With a hectic schedule going into the Christmas season, Lila has dates booked for Dubai, New York and the Caribbean. She is also busy in the studios churning out songs to keep her creative juices flowing.

“I recently did a song with Izzy, it’s a reggaetón song, so people can look out for that. I also did a song called Sweet Inspiration. It’s on a compilation coming out with female artistes like Sevana, Naomi Cowan and Jaz Elise, among others,” Lila said.