Jamaican singjay I-Octane is offering his weight loss remedy for free

Dancehall and reggae singer I-Octane, who said he lost over 100 pounds in the last few months, has been helping others to trim down by sharing what has worked for him via his Instagram DMs.

“Trust me when me tell you say it works,” the Lose A Friend artist  wrote. “Link up fi di remedy and take back control of your life… 100 per cent guarantee if you do it right, you can lose 25- 30 pounds each month!!!”

His post was inspired by a direct message (DM) he received from a follower who said she lost 15 pounds in 24 days after using his remedy.

“Dem ting yah mek mi feel good inna mi self that the Almighty can bless me with knowledge so me go read up pon herbs and come up with a remedy and mi can help people,” he said in a video.

“Mi use it pon myself and lose over 100 pounds and mi send out the remedy free of cost, a nuh like mi get a dollar from it. Mi see a lot of people and this is one a di DM dem… Nuff people don’t know the half a weh people go through when dem overweight, when dem lose confidence inna themselves and start to have low self esteem and feel insecure so mi feel good that mi can help people all over inna di world.”

The ‘Hot Ras’ has been sharing photos depicting his before and after transformation since embarking on a fitness journey last year. 

“The reason why I post these pics over and over is because I want to keep on inspiring people all over the world who have a weight problem and don’t think them can overcome it, stop telling yourself lies… it nuh easy but you can, plus i’m here to help you by sharing my remedy so DM if you need help.”