Jamaican social media comedians compete for $1-M in new reality show

A reality show featuring 15 Jamaican social media comedians is set to shake up the way the creative community operates.

Dubbed 876 Roommates, two of the cast members, World Dawg and Deno Crazy, appeared on Onstage yesterday to speak about the show, which is set to premiere on local television this summer.

“Jamaica gwine really see seh dem youth yah really different,” World Dawg said. “Jamaica gwine really see weh Jamaican comedians can do… This yah show yah gwine change Jamaica. It gwine change other artists preement… Dem gwine seh, ‘How dem likkle 15 youth yah can come together and do such a brilliant idea and we deh yah a kill off each other?’.”

The show will see the comedians vying for one million dollars in cash and prizes through competitions and comedic sketches. In a trailer for the show, the cast is seen doing different challenges from running with pigs to skinning chickens and cooking.

Though World Dawg joked about using the money to build a fence at his Florida home, he said his focus is bigger than the money.

“Mi nuh go deh fi di prize and whatever. We go deh fi enjoy we self and open some artists’ eyes,” World Dawg added.

Other cast members include Valdomore, Swiiss Lee, Able Boss, Lexi DBess, Cuz, Baba Jay and Lando DMajor.

The squad will live it up in a mansion for two weeks, which will spawn 10 episodes. Deno Crazy encouraged his peers to put their best foot forward, but also said each “roommate” is a winner regardless of the outcome.

“Mi nuh waan if one a dem (don’t) even get the chance fi win a million dollar, doesn’t change the fact seh dem a star same way. Everybody deh yah so fi win, no lose situation because at the end of the day you get a chance to deh pon a platform weh yuh deh round World Dawg and Deno and Valdo and Swiiss Lee so mi nuh waan nobody feel left out,” he said.

“If this show jump out worldwide, what is a million dollars,” he added.

In another interview the show’s production coordinator Rayon Wong said the concept was created to make people laugh during the pandemic while giving some of Jamaica’s niche talent a wider audience.

Last week, Downsound Entertainment also invested in three influencers with the premiere of a reality show called Dancehall Life