Jamaican Twitter celebrates with young doctors who passed final exam

Three cheers for the newest batch of Jamaican doctors, BUZZ fam!

Jamaicans are very warm people, despite our differences, and the happiness was on full display Wednesday night (July 1) as hundreds of Twitter users took the social media platform to join in the celebration of young doctors who passed their final medical exams.

Completing their Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree and overjoyed at the milestone, many couldn’t contain their excitement after years of hard work, determination, and perseverance paid off.

For some, the flex was simple, after tweeting their names and the title they’ve earned, Dr.

While for a few it was a moment to immortalise forever, as they posted photos falling asleep while studying, or remembering the many hours toiling non-stop to realise a dream, finally fulfilled.

Others still took the jubilation to a hilarious degree, bringing memes to the party in customary Twitter fashion.

The celebrations were indeed infectious, and we couldn’t be happier, BUZZ fam!

While celebrating those who crossed their final hurdle, Jamaican Twitter users also had words of encouragement for those who didn’t, reminding them that the goal is still within reach, barring an unexpected delay.

Hearty congratulations to all our young doctors, you did amazingly well in the face of adversity!